About me


I’am Engineer Roberto De Paulis.
I manage from several years a reality dedicated to Exchange Betting, a trading sport system based on football.
I come from the world of classic betting system. When I discovered the Exchange everything has changed.
I attended courses in Italy and England, conferences and seminars to exchange betting where I have been able to learn and refine many technical Trading on Football Advanced those many still apply in a totally wrong way.
I can finally say, thankfully for my experience, that the Betting Exchange has revolutionised my life under every point of view: not only economically but also in many other aspects; I have so much free time, I do not follow the t
imetables and the quick pace that modern society impose and I dedicate myself to my family and especially my profession satisfies me in every aspect.

I offer online trading courses and my group is followed by more than seven thousand followers.
My aim is let you allow to leave the bankrupted sector of classic bets and to make trading in full autonomy, where your results will depend exclusively from your capacity and no longer by the bookmakers.
You’ll learn the techniques and methods to become a winner and not only: I’ll give to you my most advanced Software Bettig system in the world, that will help you to bet intelligently and sparingly.
I’ll never say to yourself if i’m good or not, my students will do it for you on this group.